Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The beginning

This summer, as with every summer in the past 14 years, finds me learning new things, and hoping to apply them in the real world. And, as with other summers, I make a list in my head of all of the things I hope to accomplish this school year.
This blog marks the beginning of my journey this year. I hereby pronounce the following goals for myself:
  1. Actually post to a blog on a regular basis about what I am doing with technology and information literacy.
  2. Tweet on a regular basis about #mlibs, #mlibrary, #byod, #edchat and other related hashtags
  3. Become more active in PLNs 
  4. Work with fellow School Media Specialist Jeri Hurd to develop a series of mobile lessons for information literacy.
  5. Work with Jeri Hurd to turn those lessons into an interactive iBook.
  6. Try not to get involved in too many other projects which will sidetrack me from my ultimate goal.
  7. Earn Tenure.

This summer's task list is slightly less daunting:
  1. Complete Individual Google Certification process 
  2. Finish final paper for mLearning Course at UWStout
  3. Write guest blog post for DyKnow about BYOD
  4. Complete Product Reviews for T&L Awards

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