Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google Moderator

Back from a much needed vacation, and ready to explore more ideas for incorporating mobile learning in the library!

Google Moderator is another back channel option (like PollEverywhere) except it also allows the audience to vote on comments. For example, I can set up a Moderator series asking for topics students would like to review for the midterm. Students can submit as many topic as they wish, and they can also vote on the topics their peers post. Then, Moderator will sort the responses based on popularity.
Moderator is easy to set up if you have a Google Account, and is available for Google Apps schools as well, just ask your administrator to turn it on.

Here are a few ideas I have for using Moderator in my school next year:

  • have students suggest review topics for exams
  • have students choose what topics they want to learn more about
  • have students choose their own research topics
  • have students suggest improvements for the library
  • have students suggest books for the library to purchase

And some ideas for administrators:

  • set an un-conference professional development day, have attendees suggest and vote on topics to be covered
  • use for faculty meetings to build the agenda
  • use for professional development days to get an accurate idea of what types of professional development teachers are looking for, and how many attendees you might have in a class if they got to choose

Once you have created your Moderator Series, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or by email, you can also post a web address for users to access the series. For help getting started.

Here is a Moderator Series that I set up to get your feedback about what you might like to see on this blog!

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